Monday, May 9, 2011


Editor Bill Mac Donald lives in Ontario.  Support and information about the L***** line are always welcome, as is a friendly word.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Am finally getting around to researching my Griffins in Canada. Edward Griffin, b. 1764 in Nine Partners, Dutchess, New York, took Mary Lounsbury as his second wife. They were married in Canada and I'd assumed she was born in Canada, but I've found 2 census records (1851 and 1861) that say she was born in the United States. She was born circa 1793 and died in 1868 in Smithville, Ontario, Canada. She and Edward were married around 1814 and had at least 4 children together: Jacob b. 1816, Parmela b. 1817, Jonathan Wesley b. 1821 (I find his mother, Mary Lounsbury Griffin living with him in 1851 and 1861), and Morrel Griffin b. 1823.

I don't know if you can connect "my" Mary Lounsbury with your Lounsbury family, but I give you the information in the hopes that it helps somewhat.

Denise Lemon Knapp