Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lounsbury Tree -- almost done

Bill Mac Donald has scanned all the Lounsbury Trees he has and I have copied over from Jim Jurista's site (with his permission) all the Trees he had there (he plans not to continue to host that site, alas). We have the complete series now posted, except for three issues (15, 38, 39). If anyone can supply these, the series would be complete.

A huge Thank You to Bill for all the work in scanning all the past issues and to previous editors for all the work they put into this great labor.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Issues 22 through 27 and HELP NEEDED!

Editor Bill Mac Donald has been busy scanning back issues of the Lounsbury Tree once again, this time Issues 22 through 27.

HELP!! Bill is missing three issues of the Lounsbury Tree and needs a loan or gift of the hard copy (or a scan) so that we can mount it on this blog. If you have any of the following issues -- 15, 38, 39 -- would you contact Bill or leave a comment on this entry so arrangements can be made.


-bob fraser