Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Richard Lounsberry & Elizabeth Pennoyer geneaology

Bill Mac Donald has drawn on many years of assiduous research to provide a large tree of descendants of Richard Lounsberry and Elizabeth Pennoyer.  You will find it listed in the right column under the Lounsbury Genealogy Links (currently the last entry.)  Bill, thank you so very much for providing this invaluable resource.

The summer issue of the L-Tree is finished and just waiting for me to do the final processing and post it.


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! But, would you like any corrections? I know the original source was incorrect and it has been transferred here. Also I was wondering if you would list where the information came from, perhaps just as a bibliography?
thanks so much,
Sarah Stevens

Jared Olar said...

It seems that my wife's mother has Lounsbury and Pennoyer connections during the 1800s. She is descended from Albert Riggs (born 1815) and his wife Mary Elizabeth Pennover, a.k.a. Mary Paneer, born circa 1820. Albert and Mary were from New York but ended up settling in Madison County, Illinois. I believe Paneer and Pennover are variants of Pennoyer. Albert and Mary had a daughter Martha who married an "R. Lounsbery." In our records the surname is also spelled Lonsbery, Lonsberry, and Lounsbury. Martha's brother Albert Riggs had a son named George Lawnsberry Riggs, or George Lonsberry Riggs, named for his aunt and uncle.

We don't know who Mary Pennover/Paneer's parents were, or anything else about Martha's husband R. Lounsbery, but no doubt they belonged to the Pennoyer and Lounsbury families of the Connecticut and New York areas.


Jared Olar said...

Just as a follow-up to my comment yesterday . . . . I decided last night to check the Mormons' International Genealogical Index for any women named "Mary Elizabeth Pennover" or "Mary Elizabeth Pennoyer" born circa 1815-1825 in New York. I found a few possible candidates, but was able to rule out all but one, based on date and place of death. The only remaining candidate was a Mary Elizabeth Penoyer, born 21 July 1816, baptised 6 June 1823 at the Garden Street Dutch Reformed Church in New York City. Her father is listed as Robert McFadden Penoyer, born 13 June 1781 in New York State, who married on 13 May 1815 in New York to Maria Van Buren, born circa 1785 in Flatbush, Long Island, New York, daughter of Henrij Van Buren and Marij Cropseij. The IGI has nothing on Robert M. Penoyer's ancestry, but traces Maria Van Buren's genealogy back for a few generations.

Of course I have no idea if that information is accurate, and no way of knowing if this Mary Elizabeth Penoyer is my Mary Elizabeth Pennover/Paneer. I do know that my Mary and her husband Albert Riggs were living in New York City at the time of the 1850 U.S. Census, whereas this Mary Elizabeth Penoyer was baptised and lived in New York City. Some quick internet searches found a reference to a licensed auctioneer named "Robert M. Penoyer" in the 1837 book, "New York As It Is" -- presumably the abovenamed father of Mary Elizabeth Penoyer.

So, I may have made a discovery on the Pennover/Paneer end of things . . . but still don't know anything about Martha's husband R. Lounsbery.

Jared Olar said...

I have found the death record of Martha E. Lounsbury/Lounsbery. It says she was born 13 Aug. 1844 in New York City, daughter of Albert Riggs (born in Dutchess County, New York) and Mary Elizabeth Penoyer (born in Orange County, New York). Martha died 17 Aug. 1925 in Aurora, Kane County, Illinois, at the age of 81, and was buried 20 Aug. 1925. Her husband's name is given as RICHARD LOUNSBURY. So now I know what the "R." stands for.

Jared Olar said...

Well, back to the drawing board. I found at Find-A-Grave that the Mary Elizabeth Penoyer, born 1816, daughter of Robert M. Penoyer, was definitely not the Mary Elizabeth Penoyer/Pennover/Paneer, born circa 1817-1821, who married Albert Riggs. These two Marys were no doubt cousins, both being Penoyers from the Orange County, NY, area, but how exactly they were related I have yet to find. Perhaps Mary E. Pennover's death certificate will supply the names of her parents . . . .

Anonymous said...

There is a newest hero who has the direct descendant of Richard Loundsberry: Michael T. Landsberry.

Here are his descendants:
John Carpenter LOWNSBERRY
Benjamin Lansberry
William E Lansberry
Cloyd Lloyd Lansberry
Ward James Lansberry
Ward James Landsberry II
Michael T. Landsberry

Jared Olar said...

We at last have been able to identify the parentage and ancestry of my wife's ancestress Mary Elizabeth Penoyer Riggs (1818-1908). She was the eldest daughter of Jacob Pennoyer (c.1792-1867) and Martha Scott, who lived in Montgomery and Newburgh in Orange County, New York. As for Mary's daughter Martha E. Riggs Lounsbury, we've learned that her husband Richard Lounsberg (Lounsberry, Lounsbury) must have died by 1885, because Martha and her son George Lounsberg are listed in the Iowa State Census that year in Burlington, Iowa, and Martha is designated as "widowed." In fact, Richard may have died by Aug. 1882, because an Alton, Ill., newspaper that month describes a Riggs family reunion in Godfrey, Ill., that Martha and George attended -- the rest of Martha's siblings brought their spouses, but Martha came without her husband, most likely because he was already dead by then. Perhaps Richard is buried in or near Burlington, Iowa.

Lauren Mendelson said...

Anyone have any information on Richard Cornelius Lounsbury born 12/8/1930- died 10/17/1997?