Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Richard Parker about Alice Gwendolyn Lounsbury

My mother, Alice Gwendolyn Lounsbury/Parker will turn 102 on Oct 6, 2008. A large gathering of relatives will meet for the 13th straight year to celebrate the event. With two children and their spouses to keep track of her, she still lives alone in her own home.
Her "line", I guess you call it, is Richard, Richard, Henry, Nathan, Nathan, Daniel, Ira, Benjamin, Benjamin.
She is the eldest of seven children of Benjamin Howard Lounsbury and Edna May Woodruff L. The only other surviving child is Elinore, the youngest (83).
Apparently the Lounsburys heeded the word to "be fruitful and multiply".
I am Richard Parker. Not a historian exactly because I don't have the concentration or patience, but a lot of the stuff seems to accumulate around here. My aunt, Helen Lounsbury did an awful lot of the work of excavating information years ago.

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